General Hospital Stairway To Heaven: What Happened To Liz As A Child?

General Hospital Liz WebberGeneral Hospital Liz Webber

Ever since Elizabeth Webber started spiraling downward following the death of her husband, Franco Baldwin, General Hospital fans have been wondering what triggered her breakdown.

General Hospital Polling

Over 2,000 voters played amateur psychiatrists and let us know their thoughts on the deep, dark secret lurking in the subconscious of poor Nurse Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

GH Down You Go

Elizabeth must have seen someone pushed down the stairs as a child, 57% of you assert. Since this is a soap opera, she had so many opportunities to see it happen! Stairs are the leading cause of accidents in Port Charles. (Why the memory wasn’t triggered when she herself was a victim of such an act back in 2016, we’re not sure…we’ll let the writers ponder that one a little.)

The question is who was pushed and who did the pushing. Since Liz didn’t grow up in Port Charles, it couldn’t have been the usual suspects, like when Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) miscarried her and Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice Benard) baby.

So this would have happened while Liz was still living with her parents, Jeff (Richard Dean Anderson) and Mrs. Webber, and her siblings, Steven Lars and Sarah. So it could have been any one of them. (This would be a good time to mention that Steven Lars’s biological mother is Heather Webber [Robin Mattson]…also the mother of Liz’s late husband, Franco [Roger Howarth]. And a major, major nutcase.)

General Hospital Self Defense

What if Liz was the one who did the deed, 31% of the audience wonders. Liz was shocked to learn that Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) was her sister. But what if this was something she knew years ago? And a problem she tried to fix back then?

GH Victim Bashing

Or what if Liz was the one pushed, 12% want to keep seeing her as the heroine. What if this was a perfectly normal childhood interaction with her siblings? Which Liz’s Franco-missing mind turned into something sinister?

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