General Hospital Protection Racket: Can Drew Cain Trust Cyrus?

Will this be a GH trojan horse or a godsend for Drew Cain?

drew cain and cyrus renault behind bars on general hospital.Should Drew trust Cyrus Renault?

Drew Cain is off to prison on General Hospital. Will his Navy Seal skills be enough to protect him on the inside? Drew can take care of himself in Port Charles. And, a little bit in Greenland.

General Hospital Polling

Does Drew (Cameron Mathison) need a guardian angel behind bars? Will Cyrus (Jeff Kober) be the one to play that role for him? Here’s what you had to say about that.

Drew Cain: Safety First

Lucky Drew, 14% cheer. Cyrus will be able to show him the ropes. Who to avoid and who to befriend. Drew is a little too good-natured to survive without an older, more experienced, tougher guide – and possibly bodyguard. Drew is also not very bright. Maybe Cyrus can make up the difference.

Watch Your GH Back

This is a very, very bad idea, 22% of the audience counters. Cyrus cannot be trusted. He will stick a knife in Drew’s back so fast, Drew won’t even have the chance to wipe that confused, dazed grin off his face. Why would Cyrus want to be Drew’s prison guardian angel, anyway? Sure, he says he wants to go straight and be a hero, but we don’t trust him. Drew most certainly should not.

Fake It Till You Make It, Drew Cain

Drew should definitely not count anything out just yet, a cautious 64% of you advise. He can’t handle jail on his own. To begin with, he should pretend to be buying what Cyrus is selling. He should act like he believes Cyrus is on his side.

But, he should keep his guard up and not just take everything at face value. Check it out. Investigate. If Cyrus is actually plotting against him, Drew will figure it out, eventually. He likes to think of himself as a smart man of action. We’re not quite ready to go there yet. But, we’re willing to give him the chance to prove it.

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