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General Hospital End of the Road: Are Nik and Ava Over and Done?

General Hospital Nik and AvaGeneral Hospital Nik and Ava

Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome Cassadine had a rough start in marriage – what with the threats and the blackmail. But it seemed like they’d finally gotten back on track and were headed for Happily Ever After on General Hospital until his little affair with Esme Prince.

General Hospital Polling

And Ava (Maura West) kind of presumably killing her. And Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) finding out. And Ava getting stabbed. Can this marriage be saved? What over 2,000 of you had to say about that:

GH Bad Boy

Ava can most certainly do better than a lying, arrogant cheater, 45% of the audience insists staunchly. He was never good enough for her, but, at least for a time, we could believe that he truly loved her.

And that made up for quite a few flaws. But now that he’s treated her like she was disposable, Ava should do the exact same thing to Nik (Marcus Coloma)! These two are never, ever getting back together!

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General Hospital: We Were on a Break

An almost equal 42% of voters think Nik and Ava should take a break for now…but not forever. We still need Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) to come back from the dead, for the truth of her collusion with Ryan Chamberlin (Jon Lindstrom) to come out, for Nik to make a grand gesture to win Ava back…and for her to then forgive him. But never forget.

Par for the GH Course

Oh please, 13% of fans dismiss. It’s a soap. Everyone cheats on soaps. If couples broke up after the first affair, can you think of any couple that would still be together today? Ava should just roll with the punches and take Nikolas back. They are much better together than either one could ever be alone. Plus, it’ll piss off Esme and Spencer. And that’s always a good thing.

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