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Forgive Me: Will Liesl Blast Nina Reeves On General Hospital?

Is Obrecht Team Drew and Carly now on GH?

nina reeves may need forgiveness from liesl on general hospital.Will Liesl Obrecht forgive Nina?

On General Hospital, Liesl was just about to donate bone marrow to her dying great-niece, Willow, when she was inconveniently kidnapped. Liesl is free now, but she has a new bestie: Drew. They’ve survived a lot together.

General Hospital Polling

So how will Liesl react when she returns to Port Charles and finds out that niece Nina arranged to have Drew’s love – and her niece, Willow’s, new husband’s mother, Carly, arrested? What over 2,000 of you are expecting to happen:

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Liesl (Kathleen Gati) may be high on Drew (Cameron Mathison), 14% concede, but she has a long-standing dislike of Carly (Laura Wright) to match Nina’s (Cynthia Watros). Once she hears what Nina has done, Liesel may not exactly “You go, girl,” her niece, but she’ll get it. And not judge.

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General Hospital: Nina Reeves May End Up OK

A larger 42% of you predict that Liesl will instinctively be angry at Nina, but she’ll get over it quickly. There’s the fact that she also doesn’t like Carly thing. But there’s also that Liesel has done much, much worse. She’s kidnapped and killed people. Sure, she’s all upstanding now. Working with the good guys to stop Victor (Charles Shaughnessy), saving Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) life. But she knows what it’s like to do bad things for good reasons. After all, it’s why she always did everything. Nina is a chip off the old block!

GH: My Man

But a slightly larger number, 44% of General Hospital fans believe Liesl’s affection for Drew will now trump everything else. They almost died together, and that means they owe each other their lives. This extends to Drew’s nearest and dearest. Liesl will be ride or die for Carly. Drew, of course, will not need to extend the same courtesy to Liesl, where Nina is concerned. Oh, and there’s also the minor fact that Drew was involved in the insider trading thing. He’s guilty, too. But anything that’s about Carly, has to be only about Carly.

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