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Why Is Victor Cassadine Triggering General Hospital Viewers?

Will this GH story terrify viewers?

the general hospital recap for april 26 2023 has victor happy to find his pathogen.Victor Cassadine found what he was looking for.

After months of just generally twirling his mustache in an evil manner, Victor Cassadine has finally revealed his evil, evil plan on General Hospital. Victor is planning to release a toxin that will kill off a majority of the population…save those who will get his antidote…and those who just happen to have natural immunity. He’s doing it for the good of the environment, of course. The world will thank Victor for his efforts…someday. But that’s in the future. For the present time, we want to know: What is GH thinking?

General Hospital: Last Time Around

When Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy) big brother, Mikkos (John Colicos), was trying to freeze the planet back in the 1980s, the real world hadn’t had an ice age for oh, about 20,000 years. No one living had just experienced one. it was pretty much a theoretical exercise.

Victor Cassadine: The New General Hospital Normal

On the other hand, Victor’s plan of a global pandemic…does that sound familiar to anyone? A global pandemic that had the potential to infect pretty much everyone, unless they happen to have a natural immunity…or was among the early categories for getting a vaccine.

Bad GH Memories

Did GH really believe that viewers were dying to relive those days? Those days that are still somewhat happening? Did they think it would be entertaining to watch characters panic about their own lives and the lives of their loved ones? When even Liesl (Kathleen Gati), who has done some really bad things in her day, and used to worship a sociopath like Faison (Anders Hove), thinks Victor has gone too far, that should tell you something.

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General Hospital: Camp Follower

We realize that GH is trying to recreate its Gloria Mony glory days and that the original story was pretty ridiculous and campy. But it was happening in a different time. Ridiculous and campy has its place. But does it have its place at a time when a worldwide plague doesn’t seem ridiculous at all?

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