‘Fess Up: Should Trina Confess Her Alibi on General Hospital?

General Hospital Trina and SpencerGeneral Hospital Trina and Spencer

General Hospital’s Trina Robinson could get herself out of trouble – and criminal charges – simply by pointing out that she couldn’t have been the one who leaked Cameron Webber and Josslyn Jacks’s sex video. Because while it was being broadcast on their classroom’s whiteboard, Trina was at the cemetery with Spencer Cassadine.

General Hospital Polling

Unfortunately, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) was on the lam from prison at the time. Oopsie. Trina (Tabyana Ali) can’t save herself without incriminating the guy who has treated her like crap for months. What, oh, what should she do? What over 4,000 fans are hoping for:

GH: Save Yourself

Forget about covering for Spencer, 72% urge. You didn’t make him break out of prison! He decided to do it himself. He absolutely had to put flowers on his mother’s grave for her birthday. He did it every single year!

Except, you know, all those years he didn’t live in Port Charles. (Blah, blah, blah, arranged for someone else to do it, blah, blah, blah…any reason why he couldn’t have done the same this year, too?) The point is, Spencer got himself into this mess. It’s not your responsibility to get him out. Especially when (at least to her knowledge) he isn’t lifting a finger to help you!

General Hospital: Play It By Ear

Maybe they can both get their way, 22% of you are optimistic. Trina may be able to be acquitted without dragging Spencer into it. She should wait and see how the trial is going, and only incriminate Spencer as a last resort.

GH: Loyalty Oath

And then there are the 6% who believe Trina should do whatever she needs to in order to protect Spencer. He is a rich, handsome, white man. Everyone knows how the judicial system is prejudiced against them. Better for Trina to accept her punishment in his place. Spencer’s needs must always come first.

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