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Playacting: How Far Should Willow Go For Chase on General Hospital?

General Hospital Chase and WillowGeneral Hospital Chase and Willow

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With Chase on his deathbed, Willow figures now isn’t a good time to admit that she’s over him and is now back with Michael on General Hospital.

General Hospital Polling

But just how far should she go to keep the illusion of them still being together going? What almost 3,000 voters would like to see happen:

Friend Zone

A majority 75% of you urge Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) to gently transition Chase (Josh Swickard) from boyfriend to just friend. She cares about him. She doesn’t want him to die. Keep sticking to that narrative. And avoid discussing any future which involves the two of them living happily ever after – together.

Act Natural

A much smaller 14% of the audience figures Willow can keep up the girlfriend act while Chase is stuck in a hospital bed. It’s not like he can do anything romantic. Willow can stay by his side, look concerned, pat him on the hand, say, “There, there,” and he never has to be the wiser. It’s the girlfriend experience… when dying from a mysterious poison.

Till Death Do Us Part

The dude’s about to die, 9% of the fans point out the obvious. He’s going to need a final moment of happiness. So go ahead and marry him, Willow. Chase will never know he’s been dumped for the most boring CEO to ever got the job through nepotism (and that’s a very crowded category in Port Charles) and Willow will never have to live up to the wifely duties of being Mrs. Harrison Chase. It’s a win-win for all!

Lip Lock

Just kiss him once in a while, a last-place 2% suggest. That’s the most Chase is up to doing these days, and Michael (Chad Duell) can’t get upset about something so innocent. Especially if Willow declines to mention it to him. After all, she and Chase are not yet officially on a break. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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