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Performer of the Week: James Patrick Stuart Breaks Our Hearts As Valentin

James Patrick Stuart on General HospitalJames Patrick Stuart on General Hospital

Last summer, who would have thought that the man who shot Kevin, tied up Jason and Sam, shot Nikolas, and let him fly out the window to his alleged death could break all our hearts nearly a year later?

But, that’s exactly what Valentin Cassadine did on General Hospital (GH), making James Patrick Stuart our Performer of the Week.

Finally revealing that Valentin was Charlotte’s real dad (after false starts with Nathan and Griffin) brought out the softer side of the character and we witnessed that in full force this week.

Feeling cornered after Lulu (Emme Rylan) told him he was about to be arrested for stealing and selling a biochemical weapon years ago, Valentin took off with Charlotte and tried to escape into Canada.

However, wife Nina (Michelle Stafford) figured out where he went, tipped off Anna, Lulu, and Dante and all three found him. Charlotte went to live with mom, Lulu, and Anna (Finola Hughes) arrested Valentin although we knew it broke her heart as much as it broke ours.

As Valentin said goodbye to Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) in person and then made a farewell recording for her on Anna’s phone, Stuart offered us a glimpse into the character’s vulnerability through a broken voice and tears.

We’ve seen this vulnerability before (which makes us believe he never actually killed Nikolas), but never more so than this week. Bravo!

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