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Performer of the Week For General Hospital: Josh Swickard

General Hospital Performer of the Week: Josh SwickardGeneral Hospital Performer of the Week: Josh Swickard

Ever since viewers learned that lawman Harrison Chase and physician Hamilton Finn were related on General Hospital, they sensed some frosty unease — not from Chase, however. It was Finn who seemed determined to push the kid away. But why? Viewers had lots of theories and now, we know that one of them turned out to be true.

Josh Swickard: Performer of the Week

Recently, Finn (Michael Easton) shared with his family the paternity results — he’s not Chase’s half-brother, but he is his biological father, courtesy of a romp with Jackie (Kim Delaney) just before the intrepid reporter wed his dad, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison).

All the actors involved took the meaty material and ran with it. For delivering a series of emotionally-charged performances, Soap Hub bestows Performer of the Week honors on Josh Swickard, who plays Chase.

He may be the young one in the family, but Chase handled the situation with a great deal of maturity. Understandably, he went to anger and shock first, but then, Chase wisely sought support from the woman he clearly still loves — Willow (the always-solid Katelyn MacMullen).

In his scenes with Willow, viewers were reminded just how easy it is for these two to be around one another. Chase has seen Willow through some of the most difficult times in her life. Now, she was able to do the same for him. Swickard’s and MacMullen’s romantic chemistry is solid.

Showing that Chase hasn’t lost his sense of humor, Swickard threw in a little dry humor when replying to Willow after she said that Finn probably has a lot to say to him. “Have…you…met…him?” Chase deadpanned.

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Typical of Chase, he put his father’s (Gregory) feelings first. He wouldn’t want to hurt him by exploring Finn as his father. Chase also decided he wasn’t going to chase (pun intended) after Finn; he’d let his biological dad come to him.

Gently, Willow stepped in and urged Chase not to wait and to reach out to Finn. She reminded Chase that Finn shut down and didn’t deal with this issue years ago. If Chase didn’t go to him, he might repeat that mistake.

Taking Willow’s sage advice, Finn headed over to General Hospital to talk to his brother, er, his father. (Kudos to GH for playing these beats so soon after the paternity reveal. Miss a day, miss a lot in Port Charles.)

In Finn’s office, Swickard continued to bring honesty and clarity to Chase’s situation, continuing to put other people’s feelings first as he wrestled with his new reality. “I can’t keep pretending that you’re my brother,” Chase said to Finn. “It’s different now, Finn. And I don’t know how to deal with that yet.”

Chase rhetorically suggests to Finn he wouldn’t know how to have a new relationship with Finn, given their newfound biological connection without being disloyal to the man who raised him and whom he considers his father.

Chase’s reaction and first steps to this life-altering news is merely the beginning of this story. We’ve no doubt that Swickard will not disappoint as Chase continues to put it all into perspective. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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