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Heir And a Spare: Should Willow Be Pregnant By Michael On General Hospital?

Willow and Michael General HospitalWillow and Michael General Hospital

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On General Hospital, Willow and Michael only got together because he was the biological father of the baby she’d thought was hers due to the infants being switched at birth and her son dying (you got that)?

General Hospital Polling

Michael (Chad Duell) was fighting for custody of Wiley from Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who was still emotionally attached to the boy despite knowing he wasn’t hers, married Michael to help his case. After catching her boyfriend, Chase (Josh Swickard) in bed with Michael’s girlfriend, Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). It was a set-up, but both Willow and Michael were too dense to realize it.

Well, now Nelle is dead (maybe), Michael has Wiley all to himself, and he and Willow can go their separate ways. But what if she’s pregnant? What over 2,000 fans would like to see:

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One Big Happy Family

A majority 58% of you not only want Willow to be knocked up with Michael’s child, but you want her to stay with him and raise their children together. Michael deserves to be happy, Willow deserves to be happy. Sure, they’re not in love with each other, but Willow loves Wiley and the Corinthos family loves to collect babies, so they’ll treat her well. What more could any woman ask for?

Give It Up

Oh, come on, a smaller 35% of the audience is rolling their eyes. How long is this torture supposed to continue? Willow and Michael have no chemistry together. They only married for Wiley’s sake, and Wiley is safe. Willow can still be in his life as a beloved adoptive mother without having to be married to Michael. And she certainly doesn’t need to be chained to him via yet another child.

My Two Dads

A last-place 7% want Willow to be pregnant with Michael’s baby… but for her to return to Chase. They’ll be a truly modern family! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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