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So, If Paul Kills Jordan, Can We Have Anna Back as Commish?

Jordan had ONE job. ONE! And, it took Anna being back in town for ONE day to do it for her. Seriously, General Hospital, why is this woman police commissioner while Anna is relegated to being a serial-killing DA’s “assistant”?

We have honestly never seen a soap cop as incompetent as Jordan. (This is nothing at all against the beautiful and talented Vinessa Antoine.) She hasn’t solved any crimes in the more than a year on the job, but instead has whined over a lackluster romance, gave attitude to Curtis (Donnell Turner), who is actually a pretty good guy, and arrested the wrong people–over and over and over…

Meanwhile, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is still tough as nails, taking names, and taking down the bad guys after nearly 30 years as our favorite crime-fighting heroine. There’s nobody quite like her, and we have no idea why Jordan keeps her job and Anna isn’t back where she belongs.

And, apparently, neither do fans. Soap Hub asked what you want to see Anna do now that she’s back in town and your top answer was resounding.

Give Her Back Her Job!
Out of more than 6,000 votes, a whopping 74% of you want to see Anna take Jordan’s job and finally get some bad guys in Port Charles. Anna has the brains and focus to get things done, while Jordan only has the focus to bitch and complain all day while taking fake crime seriously and real crime for granted. Yes, Jordan, the killer HAS been under your nose, and if you could just find those cuff links somewhere…

Well, Anna DID find those cuff links and you stood there saying something like, “Well, yes, they are rare, but it could be a coincidence that Paul has them although he IS under my nose all day long, but Anna, this is purely circumstantial. And, you better stay away from Andre now that he’s back.” OK, she didn’t really say anything like the last part, but you KNOW she was thinking it.

Give Her A Man!
As a matter of fact, 13% of you want Anna to finally have a love life–preferably with Andre and not that off-his-rocker Paul (Richard Burgi). Anna needs a man and deserves a man.

To Heck With The PCPD!
Some of you want Anna to give up on the PCPD all together–especially with all the ‘tude she’s gotten from Jordan. That’s right, another 13% of you want her to start her own PI business. Maybe she can team up with Sam, and then maybe Spinelli can return, and all can be right with the world again in Port Charles.

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