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Parker Who? Has Kristina Met Her REAL Match On General Hospital (GH)?


We admit it. We never quite liked the Kristina and Parker pairing on General Hospital (GH) for one reason only–she looks like she could be her mother.

We never saw any chemistry between Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones because that motherly professor-y feeling was always there. It was well-established there’s a decent age gap between Kristina and Parker, but it’s also a glaring one.

Soap Hub also admits we never particularly liked Valerie and that has nothing to do with the talents of Brytni Sarpy. But, the character never quite fit in and then she became a homewrecker, coming between Dante and Lulu, and we liked her even less.

And, like Kristina always seemed too young for Parker, long-lost Spencer cousin Valerie seemed too young for Curtis.

But…they’re not too young for each other, which makes things very interesting indeed as their friendship is explored.

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In fact, it was explored so well on Monday that Valerie planted a passionate kiss on Kristina at The Floating Rib to make Parker jealous.

While there’s never been an indication in the past that Valerie could be bisexual, we never had hints that Kristina was either. However, many people discover their sexuality in their 20s or beyond, so a Valerie and Kristina coupling is not far-fetched at all.

There’s a definite ease between both the characters and actresses that translates well on screen. It’s just too bad that at the moment neither Ainsworth or Sarpy are on contract, which makes us wonder if this will be one of GH’s now-common intermittent storylines that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

We certainly hope that’s not the case, and also hope Kristina can find happiness with a woman who’s not set to break her heart.

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