Own Worst Enemy: Will General Hospital’s Valentin Blow It With Anna?

General Hospital Anna and ValentinGeneral Hospital Anna and Valentin

When Valentin Cassadine first debuted on General Hospital, fans knew two things about him: Valentin was the Cassadine who even Helena Cassadine feared…and that he’d long been obsessed with Anna Devane. Seems back when Val was a hunchback in WSB school, Anna was nice to him.

General Hospital Polling

And thus a crush turned fixation was born! (Val would need to get in line behind Cesar Faison.) Not that we don’t think Anna (Finola Hughes) is a girl boss but, boy, does her girl-bossness attract the crazy stalker types! It took years before it began to look like Anna just might return his feelings. But will Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) self-sabotage the fledgling relationship before it has a chance to really take off?

The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

The only way this relationship can work, a majority 70% of the audience advises, is if Valentin is completely honest with Anna. And, yes, we mean completely honest. Which means ‘fessing up that the French captain Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) told Anna about and Anna is looking for is, in fact — surprise — Valentin himself! Otherwise, it’s curtains for this potential love story!

General Hospital Scary Movie

Yeah, but if he tells her, 16% of you point out, then it might scare Anna away. As might the fact that Valentin is somehow in cahoots with Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). Maybe honesty isn’t the best policy. Nothing Valentin has to say is exactly endearing. And he’s got enough strikes against him — them — as it is.

Full Disclosure

It’s only 14% of the fans who believe that not only will Valentin tell Anna everything, but also that it will bring them closer together. Valentin has been pining for Anna for most of his adult life. He would never do anything to risk losing her. And it’s not like Anna’s closet is devoid of skeletons. She’ll understand.

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