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Is Oscar’s Death Story Too Drawn Out On General Hospital?

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Doesn’t it feel like General Hospital’s Oscar has been dying for years now? Maybe it’s due to how slow his scenes feel, whether he’s pouting at Kim (Tamra Braun), mumbling at Drew (Billy Miller), or mooning over Joss (Eden McCoy).

Garren Stitt, who plays Oscar, has just been nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Younger Actor, so we can see why GH might want to hold onto the talented young man. But is this death story taking way, way too long? How over 22,000 fans feel:

The Die Has Been Cast!
God, yes, 74% of you groan. How long are we supposed to suffer through this storyline?

Maybe the story of Oscar fighting his parent’s overtreatment could have been interesting, or the blooming young love with Joss. But, you know what? It’s all boring.

You feel Oscar isn’t working as a character, his family isn’t working as a unit, and nobody cares if he and Joss get to have sex before Oscar passes. No one is selling this tragic tale, which is probably why no one is buying.

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Stay Just a Little Bit Longer
And then there are the 26% of the audience who would feel like monsters if they were actively rooting for a young man to succumb to a terminal illness — even a pretend one.

Plus, the story is intrinsically dramatic, with plenty of aspects still left to play out. Oscar is a Quartermaine. How does Monica (Leslie Charleson) feel about this?

What role might Dawn of Day play? Is Cam jealous? Let’s play all the beats, and not rush Oscar dying. Great soap comes from great suffering, and Oscar still has a lot more to go through before you’re ready to let him go.

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