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Odd Couple: Do Finn And Anna Belong Together On General Hospital (GH)?

General Hospital (GH) literally wasted no time between Hayden skipping town and Finn being thrown right in the middle of Anna’s latest obsession with Valentin.

It’s almost as if Hayden never existed, but maybe that’s how the show wants us to feel. Still, Soap Hub asked how you feel about this unusual new friendship between Anna and the guy who’s not a spy–and lets her know it.

This Is Nuts!
Out of about 3,000 votes, 70% of you are scratching your heads. This whole thing seems contrived and you’re not even sure you understand this story, why Anna is once again obsessed with Valentin, and how she had the nerve to blackmail a recovering drug addict to go along with this crazy plan.

Heck, this story is so bizarre, Soap Hub sometimes has to wonder if that’s Alex again and Anna has vanished somewhere.

Plus, you also wonder why GH didn’t give Finn the chance to grieve the loss of Hayden and (alleged) loss of their baby before tossing him into the spy game midst.

Hey, We Like This
However, there are still 30% of you who are loving this new little arrangement. Finola Hughes and Michael Easton are two veteran, talented stars and putting them together is genius, you say.

You see the chemistry between them and want to see more of this pair when they return to Port Charles. You know this jewel thief story is nowhere near over when they leave Monaco and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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