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Note to General Hospital Writers: There Better Be a Point to This Serial Killing Case

Paul, Michael, and Sabrina on General HospitalPaul, Michael, and Sabrina on General Hospital

Until now, General Hospital serial killer Paul Hornsby hasn’t murdered anyone significant to the story.

Yes, he tried killing Bobbie, Lucas, Monica, and Liz, but he finally succeeded with Sabrina.

WHY Is He Doing This?
We’ve been told by the GH writing team that we now know WHO has been murdering patients since spring, but the second arc of the story tells us WHY. Well, the reason better be a good one–because so far we don’t see the point.

Paul Hornsby was never a saint, but he was also never this much of a sinner. When GH brought the character back in the form of Richard Burgi last year, we wondered what he was really up to and soon learned he could kill in cold blood when he murdered Sloane and threw him in the river. He later explained to Anna the murder was out of revenge for Sloane abusing his beloved daughter, Susan.

Currently, his motive seems to point towards something do with Susan–but what? We saw him leaving a message for someone on her birthday earlier this week and assume it was his daughter, but why kill patients at General Hospital? Does he want to shut it down? Is that the point? And if so, could he have found a more humane way to do it?

As it stands now, Paul is written into the same corner as Julian (William deVry). No matter how much Julian wants to make amends, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he abused his wife and then tried to kill her with the same dagger that killed her mother. It’s hard to come back from that. (Let’s not mention how Julian took the once-strong Alexis and turned her into a basket case.)

Has Paul Jumped The Shark?
It’s also hard to come back from trying to kill Monica (Leslie Charleson), within the same hour killing Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), and then walking into a courtroom and giving a speech to a jury about the immorality of murder. Both Julian and Paul are now full-on sociopaths. We agree GH has its share of mobsters who do the wrong thing for what they think are the right reasons (Sonny being exhibit A), but those characters have layers and even a bit of a conscience from time to time.

Paul now has nothing. Even if he tries to justify his actions, he can’t. We’re sure GH wouldn’t be insane enough to use the brain tumor defense for the second time this decade, and without that, we can’t see how to even remotely bring Paul back. He jumped his own shark this week and it’s a shame.

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