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Not Quite Naughty. Not Quite Nice. So, Who Should Valentin Cassadine Be?

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

For years, General Hospital (GH) fans heard that the mysterious Valentin was the most evil Cassadine of them all–so evil even Helena feared him.

Well, while waiting for the evil (aside from Nikolas’s trip out the window we still think was a setup), we’ve grown to like a very flawed character who actually does seem to have a heart.

Soap Hub asked if you want Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) to ultimately become one of the good guys and from your response, we can tell he’s struck a nerve.

Make It A Mix
Out of about 5,000 votes, 65% of you like the flawed character the way he is–a mix of a man with a heart (he is a doting dad) and a man who won’t let many get in his way when he wants something.

Port Charles has seen its share of anti-heroes, and Valentin could be one of them.

We Do Need Another Hero
The other 29% of you want to see Valentin become a Cassadine hero rather than another reviled villain. You absolutely love him with Nina (Michelle Stafford).When he became the piano man and serenaded her with some Billy Joel last week, that solidified things for you.

You see Valentin as a martyr, not as someone who would kill in cold blood. He certainly has his regrets, and that’s what makes him all the more human.

Give Us The Guy We Were Promised
The final 6% of you want him to be as evil as promised and feel gypped. You hope there’s something more horrid than we’ve already seen lurking beneath the surface and you want it to rise to the top soon.

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