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Nicholas Alexander Chavez Says GH’s Spencer Carefully Chooses His Moves


Off-screen, Nicholas Alexander Chavez is a smart chess player and he says that his General Hospital alter-ego Spencer Cassadine also plans his moves very carefully. He’s got his eye on the long-term prize.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez Talks Spencer and Victor

Spencer opted to trust his great uncle Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) recently when he offered to help get him the lightest sentence possible for his role in harassing Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West). However, should Spencer really trust Victor?

“Spencer’s been taught to always be a little bit suspicious of anyone he talks to,” Chavez tells Soap Hub. “He certainly has a right to be suspicious of Victor…considering the tumultuous relationship he has with various members of Spencer’s family especially, Laura [Genie Francis].”

Get Out Of Jail Card

Ultimately, Spencer realized that if Victor could help get him a good deal with the law then it made sense to trust him. “Spencer realizes that Victor is an incredibly powerful person,” Chavez notes. “If there were anyone who could help him get out of this, then he’d be the right person to turn to. Spencer sees Victor as the lesser of two evils.”

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Nicholas Alexander Chavez Talks Power V. Money

The Cassadines have great wealth but they’re also a powerful clan. What appeals to Spencer more? “I would say, of the two, Spencer is actually more attracted to power than he is money,” Nicholas Alexander Chavez says.

“Spencer is, in my opinion, playing chess,” Chavez offers. “[He’s] 20 moves ahead of everyone else.” The actor notes that this is evident in decisions he makes — including renouncing his family name. “That was done with purpose. On one hand, Spencer’s completely genuine — he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his family. But he’s going to [ultimately] have his cake and eat it, too.”

Chavez says that Spencer knew taking a stand against the Cassadines would “be a great moment in front of Trina [Sydney Mikayla] and [Spencer] will find a way to leverage it to benefit him in the future.” Could Spencer turn out to be more of a true Cassadine than anyone suspects? Stay tuned!

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