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Next Steps: Is It Time For General Hospital’s Elizabeth To Move On?

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Just last week, we noted that General Hospital’s Franco has been dead for almost a month now. Surely it must be time for Elizabeth to move on with her life. Over 2,000 viewers had something to say about our assertion:

General Hospital Polling: Good Grief

An overwhelming 70% of you are disgusted with our cold-bloodedness. How could we say such a thing? Liz JUST lost her beloved husband, she should be grieving and taking care of her kids, not thinking about a replacement.

Past History

A much smaller 16% of the audience liked the idea of a new man, but is really, really hoping for somebody new. Liz has so much history – and baggage – with pretty much every guy in her age group, that it would either be a rerun, or new angst in a familiar dynamic. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) has been through almost everything. We’d like to see her forge a new path.

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Generation Gap

And then about half of the above 8%, are all in on Liz and Finn (Michael Easton) – as long as it’s a slow burn. Everyone knows Liz likes moody, broody guys, and this one comes with a bonus – a little girl! Liz would probably enjoy playing Mommy/full-time-aunt to Violet (Jophielle Love) after raising three boys (not that a single one of them is fully raised yet). And if Finn is part of the package? Sure, yeah, why not?

Finish What You Start

Only a last place 6% want closure on Liz’s relationships with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) and Jason (Steve Burton). And by closure, you mean a continuation. Lucky is Liz’s first love, her knight in shining armor, the guy she’s gone back to more than any other. Jason is the thrill of the forbidden, the bad boy who will always be a what if?

They’re her past… and could be her future. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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