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Tristan Rogers On Treating Fan Mail With Respect During GH Glory Days

GH Tristan RogersGH Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers first debuted on General Hospital as Robert Scorpio when the show was already taking off in the ratings. Because of his part in the Luke Spencer and Laura Webber Baldwin story, he received a ton of fan mail — but not all of those letters were equal — and he knew it.

Tristan Rogers Understands His Fans

It was during the General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom a little while ago when the actor was asked a question by one attendee named Cheryl. “What’s the craziest fan mail you ever received back in the day?” she asked. His answer may surprise you.

“Well, back in the early part of being on the show I was getting…I think it was in the vicinity of 5,000-7,000 letters a day and needless to say I couldn’t read all that, so I hired some people to do it,” he admitted. “I said look, 70-80% of these letters want photographs or they want me to sign something. I said there’s probably another 10% that are kindling for a barbecue. Then there’s another 10% who really have a comment to make.

“An erudite comment that makes a lot of sense. I said to put those all aside — I’ll read those and answer them,” he continued. “I came across some really interesting letters that were a thorough breakdown of the show in terms of what was right and what was wrong about it.” He appreciated their perspective, and it gave him a great deal to think about.

“The one thing that actors never really get into is the responsibility they have when they are in front of the camera, and when especially you’re dealing with a daytime show where you’re in someone’s house for one hour, five times a week. That’s a big responsibility because they perceive you in a different way altogether than the way you perceive yourself.

“You get a script, you read it, and you learn it,” explained Tristan Rogers. “They look at it, and they pull something out of that script that you in your wildest dreams could never have imagined, and neither could the writers. I showed a couple of letters to the writers, and I said, ‘Look at this. Look what you’ve done. Look at what you’ve had the power to do.’ They looked at this, and they were flabbergasted. So you had to take that into account that this person who has gone to the trouble of writing to you and who wants a comment and has a comment to make that really makes a lot of sense, that you’ve got to treat that with respect.”

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