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GH Star Adam Huss’s Shocking Buzzkill Moment With Bees On B&B

The actor still hears buzz about his B&B storyline.

general hospital star adam huss remembers iconic bold and beautiful moment.Adam Huss.

Prior to stepping into his role as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, actor Adam Huss did a stint on The Bold and the Beautiful where he went up against Sheila Carter, who always stays as busy as a bee!

Adam Huss: Killer Bees

Huss’s stint on B&B was about 20 years ago, but fans were reminded of who he played on the half-hour soap last year when the show revisited his run. “[B&B] was one of my first gigs,” Huss told Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson on their YouTube talk show, Daily Drama. “Kimberlin Brown [Sheila] killed me. I got this great summer act. I was this doofy guy from New York who was there to have a good time with his buddy.”

Huss’s character, Lance, was allergic to bees, however. Sheila manipulated Lance into sleeping with Amber (Adrianne Frantz), who was involved with Rick Forrester at the time. (Sheila wanted Rick available so that he would enter a relationship with her daughter Mary AKA Erica Lovejoy.) After Lance realized he needed to come clean so that Rick would learn the truth, Sheila decided to eliminate him from the equation.

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“She knows I’m allergic to bees,” Huss continues in character. “I’m eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich that’s dripping all over me. I go to sleep and she puts bees in the room. She was in a beekeeper outfit. They used real live bees. They had a closed stage.”

Fortunately, however, Huss had a stunt double who stepped in before he could be stung for real. He says the double was “the only bee wrangler in town.” However, the apparent age difference between Huss and the stuntman didn’t go unnoticed. “My brother watched it and he always razzes me — ‘Adam, what the…? All of a sudden it’s you and then there’s this 60-year-old…’ It was very funny.”

While it appeared that Sheila wouldn’t have to ever pay for killing Lance, the B&B writers brought up this storyline last year when Bill (Don Diamont) got Sheila to admit what she’d done. “It popped up. Sheila went to jail for killing someone. It was other things she had done. But that was one of the main things. I finally got justice,” Huss says. Well, not exactly, Sheila walked on a technicality thanks to Deacon’s old pal Judge Evan Scott (Michael Corbett).

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