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Finola Hughes and Amanda Setton Gush Over This Popular GH Co-Star

Finola Hughes and Amanda SettonFinola Hughes and Amanda Setton

General Hospital is a fun show that has lots of great pairings, but there is so much that happens behind the scenes to make those couples work so well that fans rarely ever hear about. Now two of the show’s favorite stars, Finola Hughes and Amanda Setton, are spilling a little tea about one of their favorite co-stars.

Finola Hughes and Amanda Setton Share Backstage Tales

It was during the General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom a little while ago when a fan in attendance, Christy, asked about their favorite scenes with their respective co-stars. But while Setton, who plays Brook Lynn Quartermaine, was answering about Josh Swickard (Harrison Chase), it turned out Hughes, who plays Anna Devane, had her own story to tell about the handsome young actor.

“Oh my gosh, Josh, we have so much fun together,” began Setton. “Can I tell you guys, Finola’s not lying, we have so much fun together.” Earlier, Hughes had mentioned that a nearby dressing room always had laughter coming out of it, teasing Setton. “We laugh a lot. All of the gazes, all of the long looks, all of the eye stuff, all of that — it’s so…it just breeds for some funny moments,” she laughed.

“I would have to say maybe the funniest moment was when Chase and Brook Lynn were stuck in the steam room, and Josh had to be shirtless, but he kept having them keep spraying him because we’re not actually in a steam room, you know? It’s pretend. So he had to keep looking sweaty. So he just wanted as much water as possible. It was like he was a dolphin out of water. It was funny and then trying to keep a straight face and not just a straight face but like an, ‘oooh’ face when his towel dropped — it was just so funny.”

“He is such a funny, funny man,” added Finola Hughes. “Constantly, whenever you see him, you just know that there’s this…right under the surface, he’s just ready to make fun of himself.” Setton pointed out his great sense of humor and how sweet he is, always prepared and present as an actor and ready to have fun — which makes for a great chemistry. This prodded Hughes to share another story about Swickard.

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“I actually was part of his audition,” Hughes revealed, shocking Setton. “Yeah, for some reason, I was the person who was working with him because he was going to work at the station at the PCPD. But he came for a different role — and that role I can’t remember what it was. So he didn’t actually get that role, but I remember when I came out of the dressing room with him, and I bumped into Frank [Valentini, executive producer] and said, ‘This guy, he’s just a dream, wonderful, nice. Such a hunk.’

“But he’s just so nice, and Frank was like, ‘Yeah yeah, well let’s see him on set,’ and I was like, ‘No, trust me.’ Anyway, he didn’t get that role…and then months later, Frank came up to me and said, ‘You know that kid that you loved, well, we cast him.’ And I was like [she cheered]…and that was Josh.”

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