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Amanda Setton Reveals Wedding Surprises on GH

The Brook Lynn actress is excited for an epic GH wedding, complete with a heartfelt gift and relatives galore.

Amanda Setton with the Soap Hub logo across the bottom.Amanda Setton opens up about Brook Lynn's relatives and a special gift.

Brook Lynn and Chase are set to have an epic wedding on General Hospital. With heartfelt gifts and boisterous relatives, it’s gonna be one for the ages. Amanda Seaton recently revealed a few hints at what fans can expect at the nuptials.

A Memorable Wedding

It looks like there probably won’t be any gun fights, kidnappings, or hostage situations interrupting the wedding of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn, although there might be some wedding crashers there. The actress recently told Soap Opera Digest about their upcoming Port Charles nuptials. 

After explaining that Brook Lynn’s not nervous at all (which is unusual for a soap bride), she described the event, stating that it will be “A quintessential, big, long, detailed, beautiful, elaborate soap opera wedding. It really feels like a throwback to the good old days. We were so lucky that the writers and Frank [Valentini, GH’s executive producer] included tons of characters from all parts of Port Charles. It’s really amazing to see everybody come together on such a happy occasion.”

It will certainly be nice to see which PC residents show up outside of Brook Lynn’s core circle. Setton happily explained, “She’s getting her fairytale for now. I mean, we’ll see what happens — it is Port Charles, after all.”

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Hopefully, Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) issues with his bipolar medication won’t make him cause a scene at the much-anticipated event. Setton further noted that fans will be happy with the culmination of the loving couple’s wedding, remarking, “It’s been a very slow build for four and a half years, and they are finally going to get a really loving, beautiful, elaborate, deep vows wedding moment, watching these two characters finally come together.”

Wonderful Surprises Are Guaranteed

Setton described a very important gift that grandma Tracy (Jane Elliot) bestows upon her. “Tracy gives Brooklyn something that’s very sentimental that belonged to Lila (Anna Lee),” she said, further adding, “I think for Brook Lynn, it was a genuine moment of gratitude that here she has this grandmother, who she deeply respects and in a lot of ways looks up to, passing the baton to the next generation of Quartermaine women.” She felt that Tracy’s gift illustrated her approval of the marriage, noting that “It was just such a beautiful moment. And then, as a fan of the show, it just felt so humbling to be a part of that legacy.”

Other surprises include Brook Lynn’s extended Bensonhurst family showing up. (Why do we get the feeling that when that happens, it’ll be like the Clampetts have just arrived?) “Grandma Gloria (Ellen Travolta) comes, Grandpa Carmine (George Russo), and aunts and cousins…some characters get introduced onto the landscape. It creates a lot of fun energy and a definite yin and yang to Chase’s more reserved, smaller family to this massive Cerullo and Falconeri brigade.” Also on hand will be newcomer Giovanni Mazza, who plays cousin Gio. 

Swickard popped in at the end of the interview and added his two cents, stating, “It’s an epic set of scenes, and we’re really proud of them. We really want everybody to see it and, hopefully, like it.”

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