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A New, Old Daddy For Charlotte on General Hospital (GH)

Griffin and Charlotte on General HospitalGriffin and Charlotte on General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) tyke Charlotte has been through quite the life in her few short years and quite the few months since she was introduced to the Port Charles scene.

She first thought her Mommy was Claudette (Bree Williamson), who promptly told her that her Daddy was Nathan (Ryan Paevey). Then, Claudette said “nahhhh” and told Charlotte Daddy is instead Griffin (Matt Cohen).

Then, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)  arrived back in town and Charlotte immediately announced he’s her Papa and turns out the kid was right. Valentin is her dad, which left Griffin out in the cold.

But, wait, it gets better. It turns out Lulu (Emme Rylan) is her mom via stolen egg Cassadine style and she even got Nina (Michelle Stafford) as a stepmom, but what about the bond she formed with Griffin.

With the two ran into each other at Metro Court last week, we saw signs of it still there, so Soap Hub asked if you think Griffin just works better as Charlotte’s dad than a creepy Cassadine.

Father Munroe
It turns out, you definitely think so. Out of about 2,000 votes, 81% of you prefer Charlotte with Griffin for a variety of reasons. First, he’s just an all around nicer guy and is easily a better influence on a kid.

Second, Charlotte seems to be a kid around him and not a mini adult, as she often is with the Wyndemere crew.

Papa Cassadine
The other 19% of you think Charlotte does best when Valentin is around.

Sure, she’s getting to know Dante and Lulu better and hopefully they can all share custody one day, but a girl should be with her biological father and not a random man the woman who carried her embryo had an affair with.

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