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Why Nelle HAS to Be a Spencer on General Hospital

Bobbie and Nelle on General HospitalBobbie and Nelle on General Hospital

With all the theories about Nelle since she first appeared on our General Hospital screens months ago, our mind still keeps going back to the original theory–that she HAS to be a Spencer.

As soon as Chloe Lanier’s casting was announced back in the summer, we didn’t think it was a coincidence that the actress who played a young Pat Spencer the year before, now landed a contract role. When the new character arrived on the scene, she instantly became embroiled in a storyline with a Spencer, so it made even more sense. But, the plot seemed to then go in a million directions.

Some people surmised she might be related to Jax, and that’s why her kidney matched Josslyn’s. When she got a letter from a father she supposedly owes, we wondered if Jerry could be the dad.

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Yet, that no longer makes sense seeing how Nelle is so into hurting Carly (Laura Wright) and even has items with Carly’s name–but which Carly? Is it the Carly we know now or the actual Carly Roberts we later got to know as Reese? Perhaps Nelle might also be Carly’s daughter via the affair she had with Reese’s father?

While that is still a mystery, we keep going back to her having a Spencer connection. It’s funny how it was always Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) who thought there was something up with the young woman. Now, she doesn’t seem to remember her having her sister’s young face, but remember...continue reading on the next page —>

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