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Most Wanted: Who Will (Maybe) Kill Peter On General Hospital?

GH Spoilers Peter on General HospitalGH Spoilers Peter on General Hospital

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Will Peter be killed on General Hospital? Everyone agrees he deserves to be. But will he be? And, if he is killed, who will write the book entitled, If I Did It, Here’s How? What over 2,000 fans told us:

General Hospital Polling: Bad Doctor

Liesl (Kathleen Gati) already kidnapped and tortured Peter (Wes Ramsey) in the name of her late son, Nathan (Ryan Paevey). Why shouldn’t she finish what she started and kill him, too, 32% of the audience wonders?

Killer Cop

A smaller 17% of you went with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Liesl has turned him into The Manchurian Candidate. He might as well do something useful. He wants justice for Nathan, too!

All In

And then there’s 15% who expects the whole town to get together and get it done, Agatha Christie-style. It can be a ritual thing. Everybody gets one stab, one kick, and one chance to give him a Why You Suck Speech.

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Valentin’s Day

It really starts to break down from here, as 14% are hoping Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will finally prove why he’s allegedly the Cassadine even Helena (Constance Towers) was afraid of. Could he actually do something bad for a change?

The Wife Did It

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is about to marry Peter. They’re expecting a child! If that’s not a good reason to kill a guy, 11% venture, what is?

Hit Man

Jason (Steve Burton) kills people for a living, which is why 6% figure it will be no skin off his biceps to rub Peter out, professionally speaking. He even has a reason to do this, as Peter is the one who kept him locked up in a Russian clinic for five years.

Killer App

Finally, 5% remember that there’s another killer on the canvas; this one who did it for love rather than money. He can do it for hate, too. Or because Peter tried to have him killed. Franco (Roger Howarth) thinks he’s going to die anyway. Might as well take Peter with him! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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