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Missing Monica, Jovial Jake, and Other Mishaps of the Jasam Wedding


For a wedding that was supposed to be about sharing joy with their closest friends and family, there was someone conspicuously missing from the General Hospital Jasam wedding–namely Jason’s mother.

Mother of the Groom?
Sure, they explained it by mentioning she needed to be at the hospital in crisis, but sorry, that sounded like a flimsy excuse to us from the start. At first, we thought GH didn’t want to pay Leslie Charleson for the occasion, but she was right there on both episodes–seemingly for the sole purpose of telling Elizabeth that Jason was getting married. Surely, someone else could have done that and Monica could have been where she belonged.

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Since Jason (Billy Miller) returned, GH has wasted opportunity after opportunity to develop Jason and Monica’s relationship and this just feels like a final slap in the face. We didn’t even get to see her reaction to Jason being alive in the first place last year. Now, we didn’t get to see her at his wedding. What gives?
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Mother of the Bride!
And, while the wedding itself was absolutely beautiful–especially the bride and groom–it seemed to need a little more drama than Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) getting drunk. It was a soap wedding after all.

While we were thrilled Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) got their ‘I dos’ in, a little peripheral storyline drama would have helped–like Jason having some bonding moments with his absentee mother.

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No More Angry Young Man?
We also found Jake’s newfound love for Sam to be odd. After hating her with all his little might, a new actor took over and now they have this great relationship? We also want to know how he got there. Elizabeth told her buddies at the hospital he was with friends and suddenly he and Danny appeared out of nowhere. But still no Monica.
And Straight Back to Liz
By the end, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) again seemed to take center stage. Rather than the show ending on this happy wedding note, we got to see Liz coding–although we know she won’t die. The suspense is lost on us. And so is all this wedding could have been.
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