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Michael Easton Reveals Finn May Never Get Over Losing Hayden…And The Baby

General Hospital Michael EastonGeneral Hospital Michael Easton

It looks like fans aren’t the only ones who can’t get over Hayden’s exit on General Hospital (GH), as Michael Easton opens up about life after “Fayden.”

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since Rebecca Budig left the role of Hayden, crushing poor Finn as he ended up losing a fiancée and their baby in one fell swoop. Well, he didn’t really lose either, as fans learned when Hayden rubbed her belly.

We all watch soaps — we know it’s just a matter of time before Hayden (and hopefully Budig) returns to Port Charles to throw Finn’s life upside down — especially now that he has moved on and fallen for Anna (Finola Hughes).

Or has he? His portrayer, Michael Easton, recently spoke with Soaps In Depth about it and the interview surely warmed the heart of Fayden fans.

Easton shared that he believes Finn is always thinking about the baby he lost. “Every day I’ve been on camera, I have thought about the baby at some point,” the actor told the magazine. “Anytime Finn is staring off or distracted as someone walks up on him, that’s what he’s thinking about.”

This, of course, makes perfect sense because someone like Finn wouldn’t move on without some scars. Look at how long it took him to find love again after his wife’s passing. But, he’s coping the best way he knows how.

Finding love again is a sure-fire way to bring Hayden out of the woodwork, and Easton, after so many years in daytime, certainly understands that as much as anyone else.

“Knocking down wedding doors when someone comes back to town is a classic — and certainly, as good an actress as Rebecca Budig is, it would bring a lot of emotional weight. That makes sense to me… but I don’t know what’s coming!”

Soap Hub doesn’t know what’s coming either — but we can’t help but be giddy at the thought of this scenario. Here’s hoping it’s not too far into the future.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Victoria Barajas

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