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When Maxie Comes Back, Will She Pick Up Where She Left Off?

Maxie and Nathan on General HospitalMaxie and Nathan on General Hospital

Maxie’s been heard (by Nathan, not us) and not seen much since her fairytale surprise wedding this winter on General Hospital (GH).

While Kirsten Storms has taken time off for personal reasons, Maxie’s been off in Portland both advancing her career and strengthening her relationship with her daughter.

But, we know Storms plans to return “soon-ish” (her words) and we asked what you expect to happen when Maxie does make her way back to Port Charles.

Happily Ever After
Out of nearly 3,500 votes, 36% think she and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) will pick up where they left off. Maxie will realize her life and heart are in Port Charles and Nathan will be so happy to see his wife that he won’t care how long she’s been gone.

And Georgie Makes Three
Another 33% expect their family to expand via Georgie. You think Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) will relent and allow Georgie to live with her mother for an extended time, rather than these frequent cross-country visits.

Perhaps, he sees how close they grew while Maxie was away, and doesn’t have the heart to tear them away from one another.

Do or Die
The final 32% of you are split on what will happen. There’s 16% of you who think Maxie will return sporting a big belly, meaning she was pregnant when she left and is now just telling Nathan.

The other 16% think Maxie will ask Nathan for a divorce because she realizes single career woman is the life for her.

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