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Liz Sees A DREW Opening…And Shows Franco The Door On General Hospital

Liz and Franco General HospitalLiz and Franco General Hospital

So, Elizabeth falls in love with a former General Hospital (GH) serial killer who used a brain tumor defense to get out of ever serving time, has him move in with her and her kids, stands at an alter waiting to marry him (but he never showed until too late), and then dumps him because he was afraid to tell her he did something mean (but maybe not) when he was three.

Yes, we said three. Franco (Roger Howarth) thought he pushed Drew (Billy Miller) down the stairs when he was three and convinced himself he was a homicidal maniac since birth cause three-year-olds never push other three-year-olds ever, with many not realizing doing it on the stairs COULD be a bad idea–because they’re THREE.

Sure, Liz (Rebecca Herbst), THAT’s the reason right there that you dumped Franco after doing the deed with him in the hospital showers just hours earlier. OF COURSE that little omission of truth is what sent you over the edge when you’ve forgiven SO much before.

It couldn’t be something else, could it? Maybe that little conversation you heard between Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) with Sam admitting she told Jason she loves him and must now tell Drew.

You mean, Drew? The LAST guy Liz stood at the altar to marry (thinking he was Jason) who didn’t show (until he did, and announced he was Jason).

So, Sam may dump him? Maybe? He might be available again? Maybe?

Well, Franco, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Come on, GH and GH fans, how obvious can this be? As obvious as Michael smiling at a new nurse and twinkling music playing in the background. THAT’S how obvious.

And honestly, we do not like this, no we do not. Liz has come so far. Franco has come so far. We really, really like them together. Heck, Drew is not even the father of one of Liz’s kids anymore. But, spoilers do reveal Liz and Kim (Tamara Braun) bonding on Thursday. And who wants to bet that bonding is over…Drew?

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