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Leslie Charleson Facts: General Hospital Cast Primer

Leslie Charleson General HospitalLeslie Charleson General Hospital

Leslie Charleson is best known for starring as Monica Quartermaine on General Hospital, but the actress has appeared on other soaps over the years, including As the World Turns and the GH spin-off, Port Charles.

You’ve also seen her on other television shows such as Friends, Diagnosis Murder, The Rockford Files, Happy Days, and Kung Fu. From where she was born to the charities she dedicates herself to, here are five fast facts you need to know about the actress!

Who Is Leslie Charleson?

Charleson was born on February 22 in Kansas City, Missouri. She became interested in acting at a young age and decided to move to New York City to make her dreams a reality. NYC was a soap opera mecca at the time, so she started working on various daytime shows early on in her career.

Superhero Origins

Charleson did a number of television commercials for Pearl Drops Toothpaste in the 70s. Because of these commercials, she actually became the inspiration for a new superhero called The Pearl Drop Kid. Her superhero fought villains with a toothbrush and was featured in a comic book called The Gang.

She Was THIS Actor-Director’s First Kiss!

Leslie Charleson played Mrs. Dorothy Kimber on Happy Days in 1975 and she was actually actor-director Ron Howard’s first on-screen kiss! Howard obviously played Richie Cunningham on the popular 50s-based nostalgia sitcom.

Using Her Voice

Along with her acting career, Charleson is also a spokesperson for important causes such as breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, and various AIDS charities.

Leslie Charleson:  Getting Personal

Charleson was previously married to Bill Demms. The pair tied the knot on April 1, 1988, but they ended up divorcing in 1991. They have no children together. When Charleson isn’t acting she likes to spend time outside horseback riding.

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