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Just Who Is The General Hospital (GH) Scarecrow? Valentin or…Jason?

Jason and Valentin on General HospitalJason and Valentin on General Hospital

We all know that General Hospital (GH) scarecrow on Cassadine Island is not an actual scarecrow and most certainly a real person. In fact, we’re willing to bet that scarecrow is someone currently in Port Charles, but just who is it?

With the way he travels from story to story, it wouldn’t be too far fetched if Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is the scarecrow since he seems to turn up everywhere.

We know Jake said the mean witch (Helena, anyone?) and the scarecrow were friends in his story–and Valentin and Helena were certainly enemies, but how do we really know how Jake (Hudson West) interpreted things in his young mind?

Clearly, he sees a human as a scarecrow so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he interpreted a rivalry as a friendship. In fact, Soap Hub theorized this a few weeks back.

However, social media is abuzz with another theory that doesn’t seem too out there. Perhaps Jake’s dad, Jason, is this scary scarecrow he can’t stop drawing.

We do know Jason (Billy Miller) was thought dead and held by Helena during the same period that Jake was also thought dead and missing.

When Jason got his memory back last year and had visions of Helena during the experience, she did remind him there were some things he might never remember and he demanded to know what happened with his son.

Is Jason suppressing something that happened while on CI? Could it have been so traumatic that neither he or Jake want to recall it?

Don’t forget, when Jason was first brought into the GH ER after Ava ran him down and disfigured his face, he immediately said “Jake” when he saw Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)?

GH characters thought his name must be Jake, but fans thought he only said the name because of the connection he and…continue reading on the next page —>

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