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Julian’s GH Trial: The Courtroom Circus of the Criminally Insane

General Hospital courtroom circusGeneral Hospital courtroom circus

It was hard not to shake our heads in utter shock and disgust today during Julian’s mockery of a trial on General Hospital.

It didn’t start out well last week with a clear typo making key evidence inadmissible and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) bumbling her testimony due to a drink she never should have drank. But, today took the cake.

Some Witness
First, Sonny (Maurice Benard) took the stand as a prosecution witness and announced, as a felon, he owns a registered gun. That made little to no sense as is, and in true Sonny fashion, his testimony was cagey–and untruthful–to say the least. With Paul (Richard Burgi) bound and determined to throw the case, Sonny made the perfect witness in this little scenario.

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However, Sonny’s testimony wasn’t nearly as cringe-worthy as the moment when the judge asked for Paul’s next witness and he called Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), knowing full well she was dead because he’s the one who killed her hours earlier. That line proved Paul has absolutely no scruples. However, when he called her name a second time–even after Carly (Laura Wright) announced her death–you knew he’d lost it.

Might Scott Win a Case?
Meanwhile, Scott–usually a bumbling attorney–now had an airtight defense without even calling one witness to the stand. Julian, who we all know held a dagger to his wife’s neck to kill her, sat there with a sad look of guilt on his face. But, we weren’t buying it. We can’t forget what he did and neither can Alexis.

A Tangled Web of Criminals
After watching today’s trial antics, we wondered if ANYONE in Port Charles ever really does time for crime. Sonny was pardoned for murder, Julian (William deVry) will clearly get off, Paul prosecutes after strangling a woman to death, and Ava (Maura West) still hasn’t paid for killing Connie. To add insult to injury, Ava KNOWS Paul is the GH killer and blackmailed him to throw the case and set her brother free. Meanwhile, Paul is the one who holds the evidence that Ava killed Connie right on a flash drive. Oh what a tangled web weaved in one big criminally insane plot.

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