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Jason and Sam’s New Year’s Eve Reunion: A Glimmer of Hope

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After months of Steve Burton being back on General Hospital (GH), the soap’s writers finally threw Jason and Sam fans a bone with a New Year’s Eve reunion for their favorite couple.

The moment came courtesy of Carly (Laura Wright), who manipulated the twosome’s first lengthy time alone together on the Haunted Star. It was one short-but-sweet episode, yet it gave viewers a glimmer of hope that the pair could reconcile… eventually.

Let the Games Begin
After realizing they’d been duped by Carly, the boat began moving on autopilot. In Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) haste to turn it off, she shut down the engine, leaving the vessel adrift for what would be hours.

Frantic at being alone with Jason — the man she had yet to touch, let alone embrace — Sam managed to regain her cool. When Jason found dominoes behind the bar and suggested playing their favorite drinking game, he and Sam embarked on a night of fun familiarity with a tinge of uncomfortable awkwardness.

Time to Talk
The banter and laughter between the twosome brought back memories of the Sam and Jason of old – fun, playful, and totally in sync. It was as if no time had passed between them and exactly what their fans wanted to see.

Then, the conversation turned to Drew (Billy Miller), and it all came to a halt; particularly when Sam said she loved him now. A stoic Jason insisted he was glad Sam had moved on and found happiness since he’d been gone for five years.

Yet, he admitted it only seemed like days to him, and he missed her. Hearing Jason ‘fess up to his feelings would, hopefully, give Sam something to think about.

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Ready for Fireworks
When midnight approached, Jason and Sam headed up to the deck to watch fireworks. As Sam gazed up into the sky and declared how beautiful the display was, Jason was mesmerized by the beauty beside him.

Sam finally allowed herself a vulnerable moment with Jason, when he reached out his hand to dance with her and she took it. As the couple swayed in each other’s arms, they both flashed back to past times together.

Then, staring deeply into each other’s eyes, they came together in a sweet kiss. It was a simple, yet magical first step back to one another and a thrill for Jason and Sam devotees.

Unfortunately, before fans could even begin to hope for more, Drew appeared on deck and put the kibosh on what could have happened next. The duo’s romantic moment was over, for now, but at least viewers finally saw their connection was still very much alive.

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