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‘Jake Doe’ — A Man In Search Of A Name On General Hospital

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For a whole year, all ‘Jake Doe’ really wanted was to know who he was on General Hospital (GH). But, once he learned who he was, he could not embrace that person at all. However, he did take the name and hold onto it for dear life.

Today, the man who we are calling Original Jason (Steve Burton) told Diane that Jason Morgan “is just a name to him” and maybe it is.

Without even having Jason Morgan’s memories, the man we now call Chatty Jason (Billy Miller), because he sure talks more than the Original Jason, grasped onto the name, but never the man.

Yes, he fell in love with Sam (Kelly Monaco) all on his own, and then the memories came with them–and the feelings, but never quite the personality.

When we thought this was it, Steve Burton is never returning and this is Jason, we were okay with that. In fact, he was so much like Jason Quartermaine–but with an edge–that we loved him.

But, Monica and Sam both had to face it. While there is something Jason-like about Chatty Jason, he is not Jason Morgan.

And it’s not just the face and the voice. Jason Morgan doesn’t put on a blazer and Sam, well, she certainly doesn’t wear black business attire, but that was them today and something felt wrong–to us and to Sam.

But “Sam’s husband” is going to hold onto that name as long as he can and as hard as he can, because with a name comes a life and it’s a life he wants and is quite angry someone wants to take it from him.

It’s just not the actual Jason Morgan’s life he wants. But, if Jason Quartermaine had been allowed to grow up, maybe this is the man he’d be. Sam has to ask herself–is this the man she wants?

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