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Jailhouse Blues: Should Brad Go To Prison on General Hospital?

Brad and Wiley General HospitalBrad and Wiley General Hospital

The criminal justice system is a bit skewed on General Hospital. A rapist was elected mayor, the local mob boss is the most respected man in town, run of the mill killers walk the streets and run art galleries and magazines, while serial killers play Daddy to three impressionable kids.

In a town with such a high capacity for forgiveness — and, really, really incompetent prosecuting attorneys — does one itsy-bitsy kidnapping really warrant jail time?

Brad (Parry Shen) took Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) baby and passed him off as the infant he and Lucas (Ryan Adams) just adopted, trading Wiley for the dead child Nelle claimed was her’s and Michael’s (Chad Duell). So, he wasn’t technically kidnapping. It was more of an…open adoption. The biological mother was a willing participant! Should Brad go to prison for his crime? Almost 6,000 fans play judge and jury:

Prison Party
Maybe the biological mom was a willing participant, 76% of you parse, but the biological dad — Wiley’s ‘godfather’ — was completely in the dark! Brad knew he was raising Michael’s son, but he didn’t feel a need to share that fact with him.


That’s a kidnapping in your book. And kidnapping deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. Now, if Brad wants to kill a few folks, that’s a different story. In Port Charles, kidnapping is a felony. Murder is a misdemeanor.

And, the more people you rub out, the less your punishment. It’s not like a killer going to jail will bring the victims back, after all. Not the case with kidnapping.

Wait, I Can Explain
Brad was in shock, 26% of viewers defend. He wasn’t thinking straight when he took Wylie from Nelle, and, after that, he was stuck.

He didn’t mean to do any harm, and he shouldn’t be punished for a simple mistake. That went on and on and on and on…General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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