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Is Valentin Being Treated Unfairly on General Hospital (GH)?

Valentin General Hospital (GH)?

When we were first introduced to Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital (GH), he was billed as the most evil Cassadine of them all. Then we saw him “murder” Nikolas, and we thought it was true.

Lately, it’s been hard to tell. We saw him romance Nina (Michelle Stafford), serenade her on the piano during the Nurses’ Ball, and try to win her back after she filed for divorce.

We saw his love for his daughter Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez), and hers for him, which of course made hearts swoon all over TV land. But then there was the other side.

He was definitely angry when Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) told Charlotte that her papa had murdered his own, and he completely clashed with Spencer’s grandmother.

Clash is a bit tame, actually. Laura (Genie Francis) konked Valentin over the head with a crowbar, only to then have Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) pick things up from there and interrogate him – as only Jason knows how to do.

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Soap Hub asked readers if they feel that Valentin is being treated unfairly and over 4,500 wanted to weigh in on the subject.

Once Bad, Always Bad…
Or so it seems for 54% of you. You’ve never forgiven Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) for what he did to Nikolas, and you don’t care what the town did to him to try to get to the truth. Sure, it turned out that Valentin wasn’t the one to kidnap Spencer but he could have been.

On the Fence
For 46% of you, a person is innocent until proven guilty and while you love everyone searching Spencer, they shouldn’t have trampled all over Valentin’s rights first. He’s a father – he wouldn’t have done that! Everyone should have realized that earlier.

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