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Is Peter/Henrik Destined to Be Maxie’s New Man On General Hospital?

Maxie and Peter General HospitalMaxie and Peter General Hospital

Nathan’s barely buried, but General Hospital (GH) may already have Maxie’s new man waiting in the wings: Peter/Henrik.

Obviously, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) has a lot of healing to do before she even begins to think about moving on. She’s still absolutely heartbroken about Nathan’s (Ryan Peavey) tragic death. He was her soulmate–the man she loved him with her whole heart and soul; and she’s expecting their first child.

But Maxie is also a young woman and, in time, she’s bound to find love again. And Peter might be her perfect match.

Why Peter/Henrik?
Peter feels dreadful about what happened to Nathan. He was at Crimson when Faison (Anders Hove) showed up and attempted to take Maxie hostage. He tried to play hero, but was knocked down when Faison shot at him. (Of course, he was wearing a bullet proof vest.)

Peter knows that if he had reacted better and faster and shot Faison, Nathan’s death could have totally been avoided. Hence. he may feel compelled to look after his young widow.

Brotherly Love
Nathan was also Peter’s half-brother, as the two men share the dastardly Faison as their father. Peter never got to know the good honorable man Nathan was, and it’s something he regrets.

He does, however, know Maxie and would likely welcome an opportunity to get to know her child, who will be his nephew or niece. Who better to help Maxie look after the tyke than his blood uncle?

The Turnaround
Peter seems to be a blend of good and bad. He was part of Faison’s memory mapping plot against Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) and also confiscated the flash drive containing Drew’s old memories.

Yet, he refused to kill Jason and kept him alive, albeit at Russian clinic where he was drugged for five years. A friendship and possible relationship with Maxie could get Peter to embrace his benevolent side and let go of any residual evil he may have inherited from Faison.

Port Charles needs another good guy now that Nathan is gone, and it would be nice if it was his brother.

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Video Credit: Emie Craigo

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