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Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Is General Hospital’s (GH) Anna Really Alex?

Anna and Alex Devane on General HospitalAnna and Alex Devane

General Hospital’s Anna has been acting so odd lately, fans are starting to wonder what the heck is going on?

Yes, she’s suffering from Polycythemia Vera, but the cancer is hardly known for causing amnesia. First, she forgets about Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), then she puts out a hit on him, then she forgets about their one-night stand (if that, in fact, happened, Valentin isn’t exactly a font of truthiness).

The last time a soap-opera character with Finola Hughes’ face started having weird gaps in her memory, she was Anna’s twin sister, Alexandra, who was living in Pine Valley, and suspecting that she was actually the presumed dead Anna.

It turned out that the mother who wasn’t really Alex’s mother had brain-washed her into assassinating Anna (think she was best buds with One Life to Live’s Irene Manning?), and was messing with Alex’s mind.

Well, turnabout is fair play. If Alex thought she might really be Anna, could Anna now really be Alex? Here’s the consensus from over 6,000 viewers.

Alex Marick, I Presume?
That’s got to be it, proclaim 43% of you. The woman on your screens these days cannot possibly be Anna, so Alex it is! The question is, does Alex know she’s taking part in a deception, or is she being used again? And, when did the switch take place? Plus, what’s the motive behind it?

Who Dat?
On the other hand, 41% of fans don’t think Alex is Anna – because they don’t know who Alex is. Short version: She showed up on All My Children as Dimitri’s widow, fell in love with his brother, Edmund, except Dimitri wasn’t dead (duh). She and Dimitri eventually moved to Hungary. Then they got divorced. She had lovely hair.

Hung Jury
And then there’s the 16% that hasn’t gotten enough evidence either way yet. You’re taking a wait and see approach, but are bracing for whatever insanity comes.

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