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Tumor or No Tumor — Is Franco Headed Back to the Dark Side?

General Hospital FrancoGeneral Hospital Franco

Franco’s quest to learn the truth about his “imaginary childhood” friend has led to uncovering some dark secrets on General Hospital (GH).

That friend was actually a real live boy, and Jason Morgan’s twin brother, Drew. And, according to Franco’s adopted mom, Betsy (Deborah Strang), he may have once done bodily harm to the kid by pushing him down a flight of stairs.

It’s awakened something in Franco (Roger Howarth), who now fears he may have been born with an innate evil streak–evil streak he won’t ever be able to totally renounce.

Could it mean the character is headed back to the dark side? Here are three reasons why it should and should NOT happen.

Bring It On
1. Happily cohabitating with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and her boys has made Franco a bit of a bore. Granted, he’s still tormented by his inner demons, but he’s lost his fire and edge. The character was far more interesting when you never knew what he’d do next … or to whom.

2. Franco was at his best when he was fighting with Steve Burton’s Jason and tormenting Sam (Kelly Monaco). Reigniting that animosity would intensify the action in Port Charles. Plus, it could force Billy Miller’s Jason and Patient 6 to join forces to protect the woman they both love.

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3. The Jason/Franco feud could pale in comparison to the one brewing between Drew and Franco. Once Drew learns that Franco tried to kill him and is the reason he was dumped at an orphanage as a child, he’ll likely want revenge. Watching the two men face-off would be riveting and require Franco to re-embrace his bad side.

Good Franco Rules
1. Elizabeth hasn’t had a successful relationship in decades, and Franco, quite frankly, has never had one. The two characters deserve some happiness. Plus, Elizabeth’s boys love their potential stepdad. It would be tragic to break up their happy family.

2. Franco could actually finish the final stage of his redemption through the tale of two Jasons storyline. After all, he holds the key to Drew’s past. Divulging what he knows could help shed some light on how the twin brothers ended up on a collision course and living the same life.

3. The Quartermaine family would be forever indebted to good guy Franco, if he reunited Monica with Alan’s long-lost son she never knew existed. And the revelation would help Sam, Carly (Laura Wright), and Sonny (Maurice Benard) understand why they couldn’t help but be drawn to both twins.

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