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Stone Cold: How General Hospital’s Hottest Story Totally Lost Its Sizzle

Jason, Sam, and Drew General HospitalJason, Sam, and Drew General Hospital

It wasn’t too long ago that General Hospital fans were consumed with one thing: Which man Sam would choose, Jason or Drew?

Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) devotees were battling Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam converts in verbal Twitter wars, each camp rabidly insisting that their guy deserved to win the girl.

After months of stalling, waffling and indecision, the ABC soap’s hottest story has totally lost its sizzle.

Out of Time
What happened? Too much time has passed since Burton’s return as Jason last September. In their quest to milk the red-hot lovers’ triangle, the show’s writers have dragged it out far too long. And there’s been no substantial movement in the trio’s storyline in months.

Sam and Drew’s scenes, once fraught with emotion and heartache, are now totally lackluster as Drew seems to have accepted his fate as the odd man out.

Meanwhile, aside from some longing glances, Jason and Sam scenes have pretty much followed the same dull route.

Where Is the Passion?
The soap threw Jasam fans a bone during the Port Charles earthquake, when Sam confessed to knowing he was the real Jason the minute she saw him and admitted she still loved him.

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However, that pivotal moment wasn’t sealed with a passionate kiss or even a long embrace, which left the payoff falling miserably short.

The problem is Jason has been back for nearly eight months and he’s still no closer to Sam than the day he rescued her from the river. In fact, that was the longest he’s gotten to hold her in his arms since his return.

While Sam is obviously drawn to her ex and their adventurous life together, she’s yet to throw caution to the wind and run back into his arms for good.

Odd Man Out
Drew’s story is equally stagnant. Down and out about inevitably losing Sam, who’s filed for divorce, he’s given up without a fight. Instead, he’s thrown himself into being a dad to Oscar (Garren Stitt) and running Aurora. Yawn.

Hopefully, new life can be breathed into this flailing triangle and quick. There’s still the potential for Drew to get his memories back, for Sam to make her choice, and for Jason and Sam to finally spend a long-awaited night together. Let’s just hope it happens before everyone stops caring.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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