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How Fans Feel About Luke’s Return to General Hospital

Tony Geary on General HospitalTony Geary on General Hospital

There was a General Hospital before Luke Spencer. But there is no denying that Luke and Laura were what put the show on the pop culture map (and the cover of People Magazine). For many years, fans had Luke without Laura, but now there’s Laura without Luke.

Also without Luke? Tracy (Jane Elliott), the wife who put up with him when even Laura (Genie Francis) no longer could because, let’s be honest, by the end there, Luke (Tony Geary) was pretty unbearable.

Still, if Tracy could stand him, maybe you can, too. Over 5,000 fans weighed in on whether they wanted to see the 80s hero back in Port Charles.

Come Home, All Is Forgiven
So what if he lost his mind and became a super-villain and, along the way, rewrote decades of GH history the way the fans remembered it? (Where was Aunt Ruby in the new little orphan Luke and Bobbie – and Pat – timeline?)

This is also the man who found the Left-Handed Boy and the Black Book that brought down Frank Smith’s mob (temporarily) and, a scant year later, saved the entire world from being frozen by the Cassadines!

Shouldn’t that count for something? (Unless fans are about to be told that never happened, either.) Luke is Port Charles’ guardian angel, and 91% of you want him back front and center on your screen.

I Ain’t Missing You At All!
You know how children should be seen and not heard? Well, Luke is the opposite. It’s OK to hear about him, but 9% of the audience really has no desire to ever see him again.

Let Laura and Tracy play Thelma and Louise in Turkey, and God bless and keep Luke… far away from two women who are doing perfectly fine without him.

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