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Hell For Nelle! This General Hospital Character is HATED!

Nelle and Carly on General HospitalNelle and Carly on General Hospital

The wrath of General Hospital fans is on full fire this week as everything they’ve suspected for months is true–Nelle might really be the devil’s spawn and few want to see her have any happiness.

Of course, we’re not really sure whose spawn Nelle (Chloe Lanier) actually is, but we’re betting it’s someone we already know. Some fans suspect Jerry Jax is her dad, hence that letter and her kidney matching Josslyn’s.

Others wonder if Carly (Laura Wright) is Nelle’s mom, hence her thirst for vengeance a la Carly right around that age. (It’s amazing Caroline and Bobbie are as close as they are today.)

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Nelle hit new heights in woe-is-me pathetic today when she sat there sobbing about her faux night of lust with a perplexed Sonny (Maurice Benard) and then called him “Mr. Corinthos.”


Girl, if you want to feign intimacy, it would look more authentic if you called the guy Sonny now. Just a piece of advice.

Soap Hub readers seem to have just as much issue with Nelle as the Soap Hub staff. When asked what should happen to Miss…continue reading on the next page —>

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