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Has Olivia Gone Too Far With Her Revenge Schemes on General Hospital?

General HospitalGeneral Hospital's Olivia Jerome

Just to make it clear, we are talking about the General Hospital Olivia who is really crazy, not just the one who hears voices and sees things that aren’t there and hides babies from their fathers by pretending they’re dead, then shows up with an allegedly different baby who she claims she just happened to adopt, and thinks this is a really fool-proof plan.

So, basically, the one played by Tonja Walker, not Lisa LoCicero. (Hey, in real life, two people in the same town are allowed to have the same name; it’s not the blasphemy some people are claiming it to be.)

This Olivia has only been back in Port Charles for a couple of months, and fan opinion is already split. Over 6,000 fans shared their feelings about the Blond Bomber.

Somebody Stop Her!
Even though it wasn’t unanimous, the majority, 79% of you, still think enough is enough already. Olivia needs to be stopped, what with the throwing pregnant women off bridges, terrorizing sick women, and making Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) look like the level-headed one in comparison! She’s done her damage. She can go now.

That’s Crazy Talk!
Get rid of Olivia (Tonja Walker)? That’s insane, according to a much smaller, 12% of fans. Compared to Sonny mumbling, Alexis blubbering, Nina deluding herself, and no one knowing what the heck Nelle is doing, Olivia’s brand of crazy is the only fun thing about Port Charles these days!

Too Much of a Good Thing
A dash of crazy is fine. But, for 9% of viewers, Olivia has crossed the line from adorably wacky — not unlike that other adorably wacky homicidal maniac on the canvas, Franco (Roger Howarth) — into The Joker territory. She just does things for no particular reason beyond being whack-a-doodle, and that’s not someone you either love, hate or love to hate. You just need her to take her act on the road.

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