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On The GrAva Train: Doesn’t Make Sense, But We Love It

Griffin and Ava on General HospitalGriffin and Ava on General Hospital

Sure, it’s a tale as old as time–or at least as old as The Thorn Birds in 1983. Hot priest breaks his vows for young woman he helped raise. Okay, that might not be the case on General Hospital (GH), but hey, it’s still that priest breaking his vows thing and we even saw it on Loving when Father Vochek fell for Shana.

And we knew what was coming on GH. After all, Griffin (Matt Cohen) had already broken his vows once for a vixenish blonde, but as far as we know, she wasn’t quite Ava Jerome (Maura West).

Now, with Ava, where on Earth do we start? Well, she’s a mob heiress for one who raised one daughter alone not quite owning up to who fathered her.

Daughter number two was conceived in a crypt during a one-night stand with another mobster, plus she killed Connie, which nobody likes. And yeah, she switched Morgan’s bipolar meds, which led to his breakdown and alleged death.

She loves her martinis, sleeps around, pretended to be a beautician from Queens for a few months complete with accent, and her mother is Delia Ryan–yes, that Delia Ryan from Ryan’s Hope. Her brother? Julian Jerome–the man who held a dagger to his wife’s neck–the dagger that Helena Cassadine used to kill said wife’s mother.

With Griffin, we have a lot less backstory except to know that he’s some kind of superhero fathered by Duke Lavery (who Ava’s brother had killed), and happens to be a priest AND a doctor–because he likes helping EVERYBODY through EVERYTHING. He’s Griffin, and he could even make Ava’s out-of-her-mind sister, Olivia, believe he was Duke.

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And now Ava loves him–we think. At least she lusts after him and he lusts after her and after months of longing looks and caresses, the pair did the deed among her bedroom full of art with some fancy handheld camera work. Holla! Then, of course, they woke up more stunned than when Harry did the deed with Sally. Uh-oh!

We’re not supposed to approve of this. We KNOW we’re not. But, OMG, we LOVE IT! We’re supposed to think BAD AVA, SILLY GRIFFIN. But, we’re impressed. Very impressed.

Ava managed to have one hot night despite all those burns not six months ago and looks all the better for it. Maybe that was what the Dr. (Munro) ordered after all. Ava was impressed, deftly pointing out that Griffin certainly doesn’t have sex like a priest married to his vows. Well, then good for him–and her.

But, you know what we love the most? This is going to drive Sonny and Carly out of their busybody little minds. When Original Recipe Jason catches up with them and they all become great friends, oh what entertainment indeed. So, bring it on, GH. Bring it on.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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