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GH Star Sonya Eddy Puts Out The Call to Give Back and Help Nurses

General Hospital Sonya EddyGeneral Hospital Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy has been a part of the General Hospital canvas since 2006, playing head nurse Epiphany Johnson. The actress has developed a great following — especially within the healthcare community — and is looking to give back.

Sonya Eddy Wants To Give Back

Eddy recently took to social media to inform fans about a new GoFundMe account that is raising money to bring more nurses into the field.

“Every day, I play a nurse on TV. Over the years, I’ve heard from thousands of real nurses about how hard their job is,” she wrote in a tweet, which you can see below. “Now with COVID, #WeNeedMoreNurses, and we need them now. I’m leading a new campaign to provide scholarships to nursing students. You in?”

She included a video of herself talking more about her goals and how this important campaign can help.

“Hello, everyone hope you find peace and staying healthy,” she began. “I was thinking about this over the holiday. I think most of us were. And honestly, if this is coming as a surprise to you, then you are not paying attention. We are struggling again. We are straining our health care workers again. We are putting those at risk whose entire lives are dedicated to protecting ours.”

Eddy talked about the nursing shortage and the fact that many nurses on the front line of this disease are being asked to come to work even if they have COVID-19 because there’s not enough people to do the job.

“No one, and I mean, no one should be asked to work if they are infected with the virus that has killed over 840,000 Americans, especially those who are trying to heal those who are already sick,” she said. “And it comes down to this. We need more nurses. Not only do we have to give the nurses who fight for us every day a break, but we need to create a new foundation of nurses who are going to be the ones who help and heal our kids, our parents, our friends, Hell, even us.”

Thankfully, a foundation is already doing this work and has a scholarship fund that helps people attending nursing school. Sonya Eddy is hoping to help the organization raise half a million dollars.

“That’s right. We’re going to get more people to nursing school so we can create a new generation of nurses and finally give the nurses we already have a well, well-deserved break,” she said. “So whatever you’ve got—$5, $10, $20, $100—whatever you spend on a cup of coffee in the morning, send it here today instead. We need more nurses, but you already knew that. Let’s get this done.”

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