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GH Spoilers Wild Spec: Austin Goes After Michael And ELQ

GH Spoilers Wild Spec: Austin Goes After Michael, And ELQGH Spoilers Wild Spec: Austin Goes After Michael, And ELQ

Austin Gatlin-Holt is most certainly entitled to a piece of the Quartermaine family pie. He intends to get it by any means necessary. GH spoilers predict he is about to get the chance to force at least one member of the family to stand by his side.

GH Spoilers Wild Speculation

Austin (Roger Howarth) quickly buddied up to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). There is something about seeing Chase’s quick recovery that makes Austin warm and fuzzy. He’s so proud of his friend, he even helped him on over to Willow Tait Chase’s (Katelyn MacMullen) house. Unfortunately, Chase’s glory will not be so glorious, after all.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oh Hello There, Millow

We can just see it now, Austin goes up the stairs to find his new friend’s lady love, and he does. Oh, yes he does. He finds her right there in bed with Michael Corinthos Quartermaine (Chad Duell).

Luckily, for the hot couple, Austin doesn’t interrupt the show. But, that’s not for their benefit, or even for Chase’s. It’s for him, and soon General Hospital spoilers hint Michael will find out the cost of keeping this under wraps.

General Hospital: Michael Corinthos Quartermaine Pays the Price

Austin will offer up his silence but it will come at a price. A pretty high price, in fact. Austin officially wants what is due him by his birthright and a seat at the table. Vote me in, Michael, or count your secret out! While coming clean won’t do much to hurt Michael, it would destroy Chase and hurt Willow. He just can not be that guy. So, he does what he has to do to keep that skeleton locked up tight.

How will Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) react to this betrayal? Not too well, we’d assume. The entire family is sure to be up in arms with Michael becoming the enemy. All this for the sake of love. Willow is worth it, right? True love usually is but love isn’t everything. Michael’s sacrifice could cost him and the Quartermaine’s a lot more than he could ever imagine.

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