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General Hospital’s Olivia And Sonny Have A Bone To Pick With Their Son

Sonny and Olivia General HospitalSonny and Olivia General Hospital

It’s been months since Dante returned to Port Charles and General Hospital and it seems he’s sticking with the look he perfected in the WSB mental health facility. Even when Dante and Olivia had their reunion scene, she pointed out his scruffy beard and how she didn’t like it.

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Now, actors Maurice Benard (Sonny), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) have taken their issue with Dante’s look to new levels with a comedy parody of the actors in character berating their “son” for how disheveled he looks.

In a hilarious Instagram video shared by Benard, the actors seem to be in a room at the studio ready to run lines, but took a pause to act like parents and son. Both LoCicero as Olivia and Benard as Sonny are concerned about why their son is not taking care of himself. Olivia wants to know why he doesn’t have the handsome gold chains anymore and instead still has that scruff of beard.

A frustrated Sonny tells Dante that, “It looks like a mountain man. Your beard doesn’t look right. It’s too big.” Dante just replies that he thinks it looks great.

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Olivia then speaks up: “You used to be concerned about things, but now you have a chip in your brain and you act crazy.”

Dante then defends himself. “It’s the new me. I am not the same as I was before I left. I’m trying to show that things have changed. I am not the same guy anymore.”

We think deep down Dante is the same guy. He just doesn’t know he’s being controlled not by a chip, but by the click of a pen. That click tells him he must “complete the mission” and bring down Peter (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Soap Hub also wants to give kudos to LoCicero for wearing her mask correctly in this video, while Zamprogna and Benard are using their masks as chin rests. Always follow a lady’s example, gentlemen. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.


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