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Newlyweds No More? Are General Hospital’s (GH) Maxie and Nathan Done For Good?

General HospitalNathan and Maxie

General Hospital’s (GH) Maxie and Nathan had barely tied the knot, before the blushing bride was off to Portland. Sure, her daughter, Georgie, lives there with her dad Spinelli, but a visit from Mommy doesn’t mean Mommy also needs to get a job there.

But that’s exactly what happened. It was only supposed to be temporary, and Nathan was looking forward to having his wife back in Port Charles, shortly.

Except Maxie (Kirsten Storms) threw Nathan a curve-ball when she called to say her position had been extended. Now he doesn’t know how to react. Could this be the end for the adorable young couple? Here’s what almost 3,000 viewers think.

In It To Win It
Say it ain’t so, cry 57% of you. In fact, forget that, you’re going to say it: It isn’t so. Maxie and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) have already weathered crises ranging from secrets from both their pasts, to scheming wives, confusingly fathered children, and stray bullets.

What’s a little cross-country romance? As a matter of fact, what’s stopping Nathan from jetting to the West Coast to surprise his woman?

It’s not like other members of the PC Police Department don’t take time off whenever they feel like it for even flimsier reasons. That will really put the fire back in their marriage, and quash all split-up rumors once and for all.

It’s All Over But the Screaming
Stable relationships and Maxie don’t exactly go together, counter 43% of the audience. Nathan already has enough scheming women in his life.

There’s biological mama Lisel (Kathleen Gati), adoptive mama Madeline (Donna Mills), and his sister/cousin Nina (Michelle Stafford). He doesn’t need more complications.

He needs a woman he can trust, who’ll be there for him, and not off somewhere plotting. A guy like Nathan doesn’t trust easily, and Maxie is really skating the edge of letting him down — for good.

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