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General Hospital WILD Speculation: Will Maxie End Up With NELLE’S Baby?

Nelle and Maxie General HospitalNelle and Maxie General Hospital

Ever since Maxie and Nelle both announced they were pregnant at around the same time, the smell of a baby switch has been in the General Hospital (GH) air.

We just KNOW it’s coming, but what if it’s not what everyone has been thinking? Most people think Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will lose her baby and take Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) just to hold onto Michael, but what if the absolute opposite happens?

Yes, Maxie has been through enough heartache losing Nathan (Ryan Paevey) while pregnant, so the idea of loading more on her is unthinkable and actually hurts. But, if a soap isn’t dramatic, shocking, and emotionally draining, then it’s not a soap, right?

So, what if Maxie and Nelle give birth the same day and somehow Maxie’s baby doesn’t make it? GH has certainly gone the stillbirth route before with Sam’s little girl, Lila. It also did the baby switch thing with Sam, as Danny was thought to be dead and switched with Tea Delgado’s newborn.

So, if Maxie’s baby dies, who would hate Nelle so much as to take her baby and give it to someone else?

Well, that would certainly have to be Carly (Laura Wright) and it’s just like Carly to be involved with a mess like this. She figures Maxie would be happy and her grandchild wouldn’t have to grow up around Nelle.

Of course, there are people who just might want to see Maxie happy. After yesterday’s episode, it’s clear Peter (Wes Ramsey) feels guilt from being the son who survived in this whole Faison mess.

He sees how devastated and lonely Maxie is without Nathan. Maybe he can’t imagine her reaction if she learned she lost her last Nathan connection–their baby. That might give Peter the impetus to give her a baby–any baby–to cover. And, Nelle’s might conveniently be there.

While it would be heartbreaking when Maxie would eventually learn the truth and feel compelled to give this baby to his or her rightful parents, it sure would make for some great soap. Of course, this is only speculation and might never happen at all…

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